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Crime Rates versus Crime Lyrics by Emmanuel Khodra


After the persistent media coverage about rap lyrics being used as evidence in trials, I decided that it would be beneficial to map crimes mentioned in rap lyrics against crime rates across the country. The study would provide insight into whether there was any correlation between lyrics that involved crime and the crimes themselves. Many people have associated rap lyrics with rising crime rates, suggesting that the genre is violent in nature. However, during my research, I stumbled upon an article on The Wire that described the opposite. The article describes that as hip hop became more popular, crime decreased. I centered my project around investigating this trend and its legitimacy.  

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The realities of an Internet without net neutrality are about to become a bit more obvious.

In a move out of the anti-SOPA campaign playbook, Fight for the Future and other net neutrality activist groups have set up the Battle for the Net coalition, which plans to launch an “Internet slowdown day” later this month.

No actual traffic will be slowed down. Instead, participating sites will display embeddable modules that include a spinning “loading” symbol and information about contacting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the White House, and members of Congress.

“The Internet slowdown is a symbolic and creative action that empowers websites to show their users a message that gives them a sense of what the Internet could be like if we lost net neutrality,” Evan Greer, the campaign manager for Fight for the Future, told The Daily Dot.

Fight for the Future plans to post metrics at the end of the day on September 10—the FCC’s original deadline for net neutrality comments—listing how many comments and phone calls the effort generates. Their embeddable widgets will also let the group “generate a leaderboard of which sites or people are helping drive the most traffic,” according to Greer.

The FCC recently extended its deadline for comments on the agency’s net neutrality proposal to September 15, five days after Fight for the Future’s Internet slowdown day.

“There’s a lot of urgency in getting in a huge showing before this next comment deadline on September 15,” Greer said. “That doesn’t mean that this is the last moment or even necessarily the largest in this fight. This is going to push forward.”

In the meantime, prepare to see a lot of loading symbols when browsing the Internet on September 10. If Greer and her colleagues succeed, more people will begin to associate those annoying symbols with Internet fast lanes and other attacks on net neutrality.

“We want to show people what’s at stake if we lose net neutrality,” Greer said, “because it’s pretty difficult to explain it.”


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terry crews is one of us


I always wonder: What If Terry was one of those jocks who was afraid to he himself in public. He continues to surprise us. 

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15 Years later and I still think of some bit of advice from this no less than twice a week. 

3k is back. and I’m fkkin glad

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When You Find Out the Company Coffee Machine Cost More than an Entire Year’s Worth of Your Intern Paycheck



aber echt jetzt… 12.000€? For a coffee machine? Silver lining: certainly can’t complain about a lack of decent caffeine.


The Next Time IT Breaks Something My Team Needs






2000 VMAs

2000 VMAs


Snoop &amp; Gwen Stefani 2005 VMAs


Snoop & Gwen Stefani 2005 VMAs


Rihanna at the 2008 VMA’S


The Bang Bang performance tonight can either go extremely well of terribly bad. There’s no in between

My entire reason for watching. Can’t wait to see which way it goes.